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1 Unit = 1/4 Yard (46cm x 55cm)

It's a thin cotton that doesn't go as far as a loan, but it's a very soft and soft cloth.

I think it can also be used on the surface of masks.

It may be mistaken for Liberty cloth, but this is not Liberty.

Made in Japan

Cotton 100% Cotton

Bland: Seven Berry

Flower / Orange cotton

Only 4 left in stock
  • It is recommended to drain the water in advance.

    In rare cases, dark colored cloth may fade.

    Be sure to water it with cold water in advance.

    Especially in Singapore, using a washing machine,

    It is not recommended to wear it with other clothing.

    Especially in drum-type washing machines, the water temperature is high due to the climate, and it is easy for the color to fade because it is washed with a small amount of water, so please use the original watering method.

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