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Delivery time is one and a half to two months

( Currently, it is very crowded, so please apply in about 2 months)

Basically, it is a service for customers who purchase it as a set with a stuffed animal, so

We will give priority to those who purchase the set.

If you are in a hurry , please use the hurry service (finished in 10 days) → Click Details



Keen to upcycle your kids' former uniform into an outfit for their favorite plush toy
as Memory keepsake?

Easy remake

I want to keep the price down and keep it in shape because it's fine!


Selectable dolls

There are two sizes, large and small

You are able to choose from these options.



Prices vary depending on the type of uniform or costume.


Application / Payment / Receipt

Reservation required only for receipt. You can apply, pay , and bring in at any time during business hours.



Usually one and a half to two months,

There is a rush service for a minimum of 3 days


Production example

You can see some pictures of the uniforms we have made so far (partial)



What is Easy Remake?


For memories of Singapore

Keen to upcycle your kids' former uniform into an outfit for their favorite plush toyas Memory keepsake?

I want to keep the price down and leave it as a souvenir!

Easy remake for those who say


The appearance is roughly the same.

Lining, waist & neck, pocket details, etc.

It's a simple matter, so it's not suitable for people who want a complete miniature and complete reproduction.

After returning to Japan, you can enjoy it in almost the same shape as the original uniform for decorating the living room, entrance, and children's room.

(Not made for dressing up)

*for example. .. ..

The polo shirt strips look the same,

Putting on and taking off is like a T-shirt.

There is no front zipper for trousers, and a rubber waist finish.


If you are interested, please ask a question before applying.

Doll + remake cost

Dolls (Large $ 29.9 / Small $ 20.9)

Remake costs (from $ 60 to around $ 90)

Click here for a list of fees by school


Dolls are usually larger in size.

If you don't have a logo, you don't need a logo, or the logo is small, you can make it with a small bear!

If you have a doll of the same size as our bear at home

It is also possible to wear it there.

I'm very sorry, but even in that case, we will make it in the size of our bear, so we will not adjust the size.

Please note.

For those who are worried about the size, there is a bear sample at the store so please feel free to see it ♪

Bring me a teddy bear,

It's okay to try on the sample uniforms on display and check them out!

However, the staff cannot tell if it fits the bear at home, so please check at your own risk.

* Custom-made service to finish the doll size you bring in has ended.

There are no plans to resume in the future.




Usually 1.5 to 2 months

It takes about 2 months during the busy season.


"Suddenly I decided to return home! 』\

" I want to make it in time for my friend's farewell party! 』\

If you are in a hurry, use another service

You can finish in a hurry.

Because we will prepare a special person separately

Refunds are not possible due to reasons such as mid-term delivery changes.

please note.

Hurry up on the way!

Please contact us if you have a request

We may decline if there are not too many days.



スクリーンショット 2021-03-09 8.05.05.png

3 days finish + $ 20

1 week finish + $ 15

10 days finish + $ 10

3 weeks finish + $ 5

Image of finish and caution

Please see the dolls and samples available at the store.

You can see the photos in the gallery.



Once you have paid, we cannot accept refunds.

If you are worried, please check the degree of finish in advance before applying.

Due to the size of the uniform and the size of the logo,

The pattern may not fit on the miniature uniform.

We will consult with you when making it,

If it does not go according to your wishes, please discuss and cancel.

Or there are cases where you may be asked to make concessions based on your understanding.

Please be aware of this before applying.

(Since Ease's T-shirt doesn't fit the pattern,

Only partial support is available)


Large bear and small bear

There are dolls and samples at the store



For those who want a mini bear size

Richia's uniform Japanese school gym clothes have a large logo, so only large bears are available.

Uniforms without a logo, uniforms that do not require a logo, or uniforms with a small logo (such as Konohana-san and Japanese kindergarten)

You can also make it in the size of a mini bear.

Please contact us at the store or by email


Small bear

Name: Isaac

Height: about 33 cm

Sitting height: about 25 cm

Waist: about 32 cm


The soles of the feet have a batik pattern

Sold only in Singapore

Peranakans Bear (S size)

$ 20.9


Large bear

Name: Isaac

Height: about 43 cm

Sitting height: about 33 cm

Waist: about cm


The soles of the feet have a batik pattern

Sold only in Singapore

Peranakans Bear (L size)

$ 29.9

Deposit, payment, receipt

Please leave it at the store during business hours.

No advance reservation is required.

Please fill in the application form at the store.

Full payment will be made at the cash register at the time of deposit.

Cash, Nets, Payer / Pay Now, credit cards, etc. are accepted.

Please make a reservation in advance when you receive it.

We will inform you of the finish, so at that time

Please let us know your desired visit date.

business hours

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

From 11:00 to 16:00

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