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Some of the things we have made so far are open to the public.

There are many more, if you don't have a picture of your desired uniform, please ask.


Keen to upcycle your kids' former uniform into an outfit for their favorite plush toy
as Memory keepsake?

I want to keep the price down and leave it as a rough souvenir!

We have received an easy remake for those who want to.

(It looks almost the same.

I want the lining, waist and neck, pocket details, and complete miniature!

Not suitable for those who say)


delivery time

1.5 to 2 months from the date of carry-on

(2 months during the busy season)

Please note that we may not be able to accept your request when there are many reservations.


If you are worried, please reserve an order frame in advance

If you have consulted in advance and secured an order frame

I will definitely accept it.

If you come to the store without securing an order frame

We may not be able to accept your request during the busy season.

Bring in

Please bring your uniform to the store

Please fill in the application form.

(It is OK to fill in all in Japanese)

Our staff will accept it.

Reception: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

         From 11:00 to 16:00

We do not keep stuffed animals brought in.

It is okay if you prepare one set of uniforms.

(Unless it is very dirty)

You cannot make multiple sets from one outfit.


You can pay at the store.

Cash, payers and pay now,

You can pay with Nets and various credit cards.

We would appreciate it if you could cooperate with cash, payer and pay now payments.

Price setting by uniform

Prices may vary depending on additional requests and uniform conditions

★ Simple T-shirt + pants or skirt 1 set

$ 60

Japanese elementary school, star learner's gym clothes, etc.

★ Jersey material that requires switching and placement Soccer club Yuniform, etc.

$ 65

Simple shirt or polo shirt + pants or skirt 1 set

$ 65

Iroha-san, Konohana-san, Joshua , Alphabet, Ease, Japanese Kindergarten, Middleton, ISS, UWC, Dover, Oneworld, Eaton House, AIS, etc.

1 set if a shirt or sailor type with a lot of accessories is included

$ 68

Alphabet shirt type ( 4 belts, 2 embroidery stands)

House on the Hill Boys

Arts sailor type

Pegasus sailor type

★ Frilled dress, one piece with switching pattern $ 70

House on the Hill and some Inter's dresses

★ Deformation $ 70

Remaking from Raffles Hospital wrapping to one piece

★ $ 70 for miniatures such as airline adult uniforms

Singapore airlines, etc.

basic one-piece wear one

$ 65

Japanese kindergarten, Ease & Eaton, Middleton, etc.

Coverall + polo shirt (including removal and replacement of patches)

$ 70 per set

Kokoro-san, etc.

★ Cheer uniform

(Orange) $ 70 per set

(Blue) $ 72 for camisole + skirt

$ 85 for camisole + skirt + turtle

Dance Elite) Long Sleeve + Skirt Set $ ​​75

★ Ballet costume

From $ 80

Additional charges may apply for complex outfits

Accessories are not included in the price.

Please contact us in advance

★ Other $ 5

Ties, ribbons and hair ribbons

The above is just a guide.

In addition to this, the amount of money depends on the school and request

Please contact us as it may differ.

Hats may be accepted in some cases, but they are custom-made, so they start at $ 15 separately.

★ Japanese uniforms (winter clothes) are basically not accepted.

After consultation, we may receive it in rare cases depending on the circumstances and cases,

Basically, the estimate is at least $ 90 or more.

If you place an order with a Japanese vendor, it may be a little expensive, but

Because winter clothes are also specialized

We recommend that you leave it to a Japanese specialist.

About stuffed animals

We will remake it according to the size of Singapore limited Peranakans bear.

Peranakans Bear

It will be an izzac bear sold at our shop, souvenirs in Singapore, airports, etc.

It can also be purchased online.

We do not match the size of dolls other than our shop.

(Since the size is for Peranakans bear, we cannot take responsibility.  

Please choose a stuffed animal at your own discretion)

Estimated size Sit height 30 cm (height 43 cm)

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