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Looking for something unique with a local touch? Do not miss out this handmade Batik tote bag. ^ _ ^

An easy-to-use mini tote that is popular as a souvenir!

The batik pattern fabric, which is also used for Singapore airline uniforms, is used as a point to create a bag that has a Singaporean taste but can be used everyday.

We deliver it by hand.

* This is black.

We recommend that you make a reservation online as it is often sold out at stores.

In addition to this color, you can choose from navy, white, and green.

White here

Black here

Green here

We will enclose the number of bags to be carried on top of the simple packaging so that you can hand it as it is.
(Please let us know if you do not need it)

batik mini tote <navy blue>

S$15.00 Regular Price
S$14.25Sale Price
Option 1: black
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