Jijijaja is for adults & children

We are holding various workshops!


Holiday program

Holiday program

Conducted during the school's good night period Not only for winter vacation and spring vacation, but also for short consecutive holidays. (Holiday sewing is for elementary school students and above)

Let's take a look at the holiday program currently underway! Click here!


Kids class

Weekday & Saturday class

Ticket-based classes are held mainly on Saturdays. (Weekend sewing is K2 or higher)

Plan and make your own favorite things ♡

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Jijijaja’s Group workshop!_#workshop #se

Birthday Workshop

Birthday workshop

Birthdays, farewell parties, and group workshops are also possible

Many local and inter-school birthday parties are held!

(Available in English, Japanese and Chinese)

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Birthday Workshop

Resin workshop

It is a workshop that both girls and boys can enjoy, more than the kindergarten!

You can make accessories, key chains, and accessories with resin. Click here!



Workshop using Mizuhiki by ANZU

Workshop by Mizuhiki artist ANZU. Seasonal themes and accessories you always want to wear change every month!

The next Mizuhiki Workshop will be held on March 17th (Friday) or the following Friday.

Once the details are decided, we will publish them here.



Weekday & Saturday class

Ticket-based classes are held mainly on Saturdays. This is a mysterious class that mixes English, Japanese, and Chinese. Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday

Clothes, bags, interior goods, etc., each tackle their own challenges.

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Basket basket

Thanks to you, we have been selling basket baskets for about 6 years, but repairs and designs are what you want. .. .. We decided to hold a workshop to make baskets.

We are currently preparing, but we will start the course as soon as the number of people who want it is gathered. If you wish, please let us know at info@jijijaja.jp


Accessories Workshop

SUI's Accessory Workshop

SUI produced handmade accessories

Accessory workshop begins!

The bead motif and delicate design are cute ♡

RIE teacher will teach you carefully.

Click here for the lesson schedule!

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.