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SUI's Accessory Workshop

SUI accessory writer RIE teacher's workshop

I wanted this!

From a delicate and easy-to-wear design

You can create your own unique design.

Themes and themes that change every time, trending materials that are hard to get by yourself, etc.

Even if you participate every time, you will not get tired of it.

Participation is OK from once!

You can also purchase a great-value "summary ticket"

Workshops held so far


Accessories Workshop
Rattan earrings (earrings)

(in Japanese only)

Let's anticipate summer and make cool accessories together ♪
I will make one set of rattan earrings or earrings,

A total of 2 sets of 1 set of accessories of your favorite design

Rattan parts that are hard to come by!

They have taken the trouble to order from Japan for this day.

With your favorite design referring to the sample

Please finish it ✨

Production is OK with children

Your child is OK,

There is no childcare, so please take your own risk.

Place ①: Jiji-jaja

100 Orchard Rd, # 02-53 & 54

Singapore 238840 (inside Concorde Hotel)

Participation fee: $ 40
(* Material cost included)

Three- time summary ticket $ 110

* Resin parts are also available for both pierced earrings and earring parts.

Please join us ♪