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It is a set of 2 boxes, and the contents are individually wrapped.

You can also buy it at the hotel souvenir shop or at Merlion Park.

Popular cat tongue.

Manufactured in Japan, the package is Singapore batik.

It has a good reputation for its taste and there is no mistake, so

"I don't want to remove it! !! "A little adventure. .. .. "It's easy to distribute if it's individually wrapped at the company, but ..."

It is recommended when you say.

In a bright pastel batik package

It has a well-established and unmistakable taste and is perfect as a souvenir for anyone.

Also on sale at Merlion Park, Sentosa, and hotel souvenir shops.

You can also purchase it on the manufacturer's site.

If you wish, you can hand over a small bag.

Please let us know the number you want

(Up to a few minutes of the purchased product)

1 box of cat tongue assortment (pastel batik)

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